Sunday, December 25, 2011

twelfth night

still raining here.
i call it the "twelfth night" but it is, in fact, the first night. the first night of christmas. the twelfth night shall be on january sixth (with the night of epiphany following). the twelfth night of christmas, the last night, is the night of reversals, the night of upheavals, the night that everything becomes upside-down.  
on that night, the kings and queens became the peasants and the peasants became the royalty. the entire party was called the feast of fools (a holdover from the old saturnalia celebrations) and it was ruled over by the Lord of Misrule. it ended at the strike of midnight, though most of the time the party-goers ignored that and celebrated throughout the night, unaware that the world was no longer upside-down, that it had righted itself while they had made fools of themselves.  
i shall count down these days and nights until the twelfth night. and on the twelfth night, i shall turn and confront my fears. i shall see my brother again when the world is upside-down, on the twelfth night, when i am the Lord of Misrule.


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  1. Why is it midnight? Why is it never the witching hour, or a time in the daylight? Maybe it is because the day is ending, and so must the spell.

    I sincerely hope the day does not come, that you become the Lord of Misrule.