Saturday, December 17, 2011

fourth night

the compass has not moved. i have a camera trained on it twenty-four hours. it has not moved. was i wrong?

and now a story:

prometheus was a titan who made man from clay and mud. he taught man to hunt and read and heal and finally, in defiance against the gods, stole fire for man. how was he repaid? zeus chained him to a rock and had eagles devour his liver night after night.

when benjamin franklin began to experiment with lightning and electricity, immanuel kant called him a "modern prometheus." stealing fire from the gods. creating something from electricity. a new artificial life.

the golem, resurrected by lightning.

it is much older than we believe. much older.

only now it is not made of clay nor mud, but chrome and steel.

the golem machine.

the compass moved.

1 comment:

  1. How many times have these evil machines taken over the lives of the innocent and the naive?

    Last I heard, it was a pocketwatch. Then again, it didn't stay a pocketwatch for long.