Wednesday, December 21, 2011

eighth night

there was a knock on the door. "sherry," my brother called out, his voice raspy and unnatural. "sherry, i can feel it. i can feel it, sherry. it's inside me."
once upon a time, prometheus brought fire to man. and for that he was punished. he was chained to a rock and eagles ate his liver every night and every day it would regrow. until he was freed by herakles. 
but herakles doesn't exist. there are no heroes in this world. the eagles will continue to eat your liver over and over again and no one can stop them.

there was a knock on the door. but i was already going out the window. i had everything packed and ready to go. all i left was the lump of metal.

whatever knocked on the door wasn't my brother.


  1. I disagree. We may not be able to stop the "gods" but I've take care of more than my share of their "eagles". Good idea being ready to leave at a moments notice though.

  2. they take and they take and they take. i am so sorry. I wish i could help you. i wish i could make the golem go away.

    maybe if you run far enough he'll stop.

    who am i kidding, it never stops, it no longer breathes.