Friday, December 23, 2011

tenth night

he follows me. he has the golem inside. he should be dead. he is dead. he should have gone back to babel. decomposed into the tower. and yet he follows me.
once upon a time, there was a young man who didn't know what fear was. his mother recommended he stay at a local graveyard, so he did. there, a hand grabbed him, but he merely kicked it away. he went to the gallows, where seven men swung in the wind. he went to a haunted house, but he told all the voices there to be quiet. he went to the place where death held sway and was not afraid. he did not know fear. 
but then a sickness came upon the city where he lived and around him the bodies piled higher. and one day, his mother caught the sickness and she perished and he was left with no one. and as he coughed and waited for death to take him into the cold night, he realized that fear was not a ghostly hand or scratchy voices in darkened corridors. fear was not dead men or black cats or graveyards in moonlight. 
fear was waiting. and as he sat there and slowly died, he felt fear for the first and last time.

once more on the run. go go go.

1 comment:

  1. He will follow until his feet fall off, and he will crawl and drag himself after you once even that happens. the golems do not stop, they need not think or breathe or eat or drink. they only exist to take you in and steal your essence..

    all for the greater good, all for the towering structure, all for babel in that beautiful other world.. don't become a part of the bigger picture. stay separate. stay you. please.