Thursday, July 5, 2012

two hundred and fifth night

we changed motels. anya, or i guess i should call her croc, and i decided it was too dangerous to stay in the same motel we woke up in. the mother and child could still be out there, looking for us.

so we're sticking together. it's...actually nice to have a companion. i've been quite alone since the golem machine took paul. i didn't think i would ever actually enjoy someone else's company.

there was an incident, however. we went to a supermarket and pooled what was left of our cash in order to buy food. cheap food, but food nonetheless. and as we exited the supermarket, we saw it.

tigris. the creature that the dream of my brother told me about.

i could not make out how large it was, since it was so dark, but i saw its eyes. they were red and staring at us, as if they could see straight into us, see everything about us, and it disapproved. it opened its mouth and i saw a pink tongue and white teeth.

we hurried back to the motel. i don't know if it followed us. croc says that it seeks those with secrets.

i don't have any secrets. unless...unless there is something i did during the time i don't remember. but if it is that, then it's a secret even to me.

edit: croc's pov of this event.

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