Wednesday, January 4, 2012

twenty-second night

endings. when do you end a story? with the big climax? when the denouement? with every single plot thread tied away? but this is life and not a story. there is no tying up of plot threads.
there is a story in grimm's fairy tales. it is called "the golden key." in it, a boy wishes to light a fire to warm himself. he finds a golden key under some snow. the golden key is to a iron box. the story ends by saying that it will continue when the boy opens the box. 
that is where it ends. so the boy never opened the box. there was no climax - just the promise of whatever treasure or horror was waiting inside the box, but it will be waiting forever, since it was never opened. the box stayed close and the story ended. 
this is called an anti-climax.

i'm tired of running.


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